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Mike Sowles

Chairman, Oregon American Legion Baseball

Phone: 503-509-9948

State Tournament Dates for 2020

Dates for the Single A State Tournament:

The Single A Tournament is July 25th-29th.  Hosted by North Marion at Aurora, Oregon.

Dates for the 2020 Play-In Games and Triple AAA Tournament:

The Triple AAA Super Regionals are being replaced this year with play-in games from our areas on July 24th, in Roseburg, Oregon, all to be arranged.

The 2020 State Triple AAA Tournament is July 25th-29th in Roseburg, Oregon.  

The Northwest Triple AAA Regional is August 5-9th, in Gillette, Wyoming.

The National American Legion Baseball Tournament is Aug. 13-18th.   


The American Legion Rule Book for 2020 is now on line:  click resources on the top of this page for the ability to download or view the rules.  The Oregon rules are listed below as an addition to the national rules.

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