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Oregon Triple AAA Tournament Bracket for 2022 Roseburg

11am Redmond Sunwest VS Roseburg Pepsi 2pm N. Medford Mavericks Vs Robinson Const. Sockeyes 5pm The Dalles vs Eugene Ole 8pm Marion Berries vs Tigard

Mike Sowles

Chairman, Oregon American Legion Baseball

Phone: 503-509-9948

Oregon American Legion Baseball for 2022

Online registration for American Legion Baseball teams begins January 1, 2022, rule books should be available online in February.

Insurance for the teams should be available online in March 2022.

The Single A tournament will be played July 20-24 at Bob Brack Stadium in Aurora, Oregon (North Marion High School).  Followed by the winning team being sent to play in a regional tournament in Vernal, Utah at Unitah High School on August 5-9th.

The Triple AAA tournament will be held at Legion Field in Roseburg, Oregon, July 23-27.  The Champion of this tournament travels to Gillette, Wyoming for the regional tournament on August 3-7, 2022.

The winner being sent to The American Legion World Series in Shelby, North Carolina, August 11-16th, 2022.

Oregon American Legion Baseball for 2022

Oregon Legion  BB Rules for 2022 
Background Checks and Abuse Training for Adults:  Background checks and Abuse Training for adults needs to be completed by June 1, 2022.  All coaches and staff working with the team are required to complete these two items.  If not completed by June 1st coaches and staff will not be allowed to continue their contact with the teams. Certificates of completion of the Abuse Training are sent by email to Mike Sowles, at (Access to background checks and abuse training are located at the top of the page of the American Legion Baseball Registration page, as are other resources). 
Team Population:  Combined total enrollment of high schools cannot exceed 7,500 for Oregon Triple AAA Teams, Oregon Single A teams have voted to not exceed 6,000 total enrollments.  American Legion Baseball teams will use enrollment figures for the top three grades, 10th, 11th and 12th grades from the resource area of the American Legion website or team registration site. If school records differ make sure that every student is counted, including Special Ed, Physically Challenged, Bilingual and students older than 19 are in the sum total.  A school registrar’s official document from the schools involved or the district involved would need to be submitted to the State Baseball Committee Chair.   
Inclement Weather: 
Thunder and Lightning are issues handled by the game umpires and coaches.  Upon seeing a Lightning strike umpires use OSAA rules and suspend games for at least 30 minutes before play can continue, fans, players and coaches are to seek cover inside buildings with proper grounding and plumbing. 
Air Quality:   
Readings of air quality above 125, play and practice will be suspended. 
100 degrees F to 105 degrees F and above, play and practice will be suspended. 
Moratorium Week:  This is for high school coaches and staff for the summer of 2022.  This year the week is designated from July 24 through July 30.  This week is set by the OSAA. During this week coaches' will need to seek in advance an appeal for their involvement with American Legion Baseball games and tournaments.  The appeal process is filed with the coach's school administration.   
Forms#77, #76, #6 
Oregon American Legion Baseball emphasizes the use of these forms.  Form #76, player transfer, Form #77 player Declaration and Form #6 Request for dual participation will be used to clarify eligibility for play.  Refer to the American Legion Rule book for usage.  Questions about the usage of these forms can be answered by your area contact representative. 
Dual participation forms should be filled out by all players that participate in summer high school baseball, all-star high school ball, college summer ball and single A and Triple AAA legion ball at the same time. 
The process of using these forms is an important part in keeping all players eligible to participate.  Coaches, Managers, and players are encouraged to work together to complete these forms.  Help each other out, if you suspect that a player needs a waiver, make sure that those involved know about it.  If a player needs a dual participation authorization get it completed. 
Players that play for Non-American Legion teams can be rostered on an official American Legion roster and will only be eligible to participate on that American Legion team if prior to submission and approval of the official American Legion roster they are removed from the non-American legion roster.  Examples of non-American teams are college wood bat teams, all-star teams, select or club teams, Babe Ruth, Connie Mack and other entities of a similar make-up.  Approval to participate in a non-American Legion event requires approval in writing of the Oregon State American Legion Commissioner. 
Forms 76, 77, and 6 are available on the team registration forms resource area of your online registration. 
Send completed forms to:  Mike Sowles, P.O. Box 778, Stayton, Oregon 97383, or email to, phone or text 503-509-9948. 
Play-in- games for the State AAA Tournament will be Friday, July 22, 2022, and the Tournament will begin Saturday, July 23 through Wednesday July 27, 2022, at Roseburg, Oregon. 
Dates for the 2022 State Single A Tournament, will be Wednesday, July 20, through Sunday, July 24, 2022, at Bob Brack Stadium in Aurora, Oregon.     
National Rule Changes for 2022: 
The Americanism Commission has approved the following rule changes for the 2022 American Legion Baseball season:  
Rule 1.R.3. Pitching Rule – Remove the word “scheduled” and to read “If a pitcher throws 45 or fewer pitches in game one of multiple games on the same day, he may return to pitch in game two, up to 105 pitches total for the day. If a pitcher were to throw more than 45 pitches in game one, he would be ineligible to pitch in game two.”  
Rule 1.J. Fake Tag – Insert new rule to read “A fake tag is an act by a defensive player without the ball that simulates a tag. A fake tag is considered obstruction.” 
 Rule 3 & 4 Player Recruiting – Combined total enrollment of high schools cannot exceed 7,500 for 10th, 11th and 12th grades.  
Rule 9.A. National Tournament Registration – To read “The department championship team must be certified to the Americanism Commission by the authorized department baseball official no later than 11:59 p.m. July 30, 2022. However, departments that fly to regional sites must certify their department champion no later than 11:59 p.m. July 28.”  
Rule 9.J.2. Suspended Games – Add paragraph “2. Pitch Count Rule 1.R. applies to suspended games. 
Rule 9.K. Minimum Active Players – Change the word “transfer” to “bring up” and to read “Teams with fewer than 12 players are permitted to bring up players registered on their affiliated Junior American Legion Baseball team roster to the senior team in order to have 12 players but may not bring up a player to exceed 12 players.” 
 The Americanism Commission reviews American Legion Baseball rules in odd-numbered years. All department policies and regulations must be reviewed and approved annually by the department baseball committee. For the good of the program, team managers, coaches and Legionnaires may submit changes through their respective department baseball committee for consideration. Submitted changes are presented to the 50 department chairpersons at the fall baseball conference for consideration, and recommendations by the American Legion Baseball Committee are forwarded to the commission for consideration. Questions and concerns about the rules should be directed to your state baseball chairperson 
Risk Management will have some changes: 
Senate Bill 534, which amends two federal statutes: (1) the Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990and (2) the Amateur Sports Act of 1978. This new bill in part requires abuse awareness education and training for adult volunteers who are contact with amateur athletes. 

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